A surge of newly confirmed novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) cases since Friday in Wuhan has pushed the outbreak total to 198 cases, some of them with no apparent links to the outbreak market, and health officials today announced a case in Shenzhen, China’s first outside of Wuhan.

The expansion of the outbreak in China comes during Asia’s heavy travel season ahead of the Jan 25 Lunar New Year observance. Meanwhile, the World Health Organization (WHO) said yesterday officials see evidence of limited human-to-human transmission, adding that it’s closely watching for signs of sustained spread.

Wuhan’s health commission announced 17 cases yesterday, which covered illnesses confirmed on Jan 17. In a statement today, it announced a dramatic spike in cases, which include 59 from yesterday and 77 from today. Of the 136 cases in today’s announcement, 100 are mild, 33 are severe, and 3 are listed as critical, including one death.

Three days ago, Wuhan officials said the outbreak was only 45 cases strong.

Some cases not tied to animal market

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