In a follow-up on the Virulent Newcastle Disease (vND) situation in California, the USDA has confirmed 117 cases of vND in backyard birds in California since mid-May: 84 in San Bernardino County, 16 in Riverside County, 16 in Los Angeles County and 1 in Ventura County.

Image/Pexels via pixabay
Image/Pexels via pixabay

vND, formerly known as Exotic Newcastle Disease is a contagious and fatal viral disease affecting the respiratory, nervous and digestive systems of birds and poultry. The disease is so virulent that many birds and poultry die without showing any clinical signs.

vND is not a food safety concern.  No human cases of Newcastle disease have ever occurred from eating poultry products.  Properly cooked poultry products are safe to eat.  In very rare instances people working directly with sick birds can become infected with mild symptoms.

vND has not been found in commercial poultry in the U.S. since 2003.

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