Abstract Little is known regarding the impact of immigrant acculturation on the gut microbiome. We characterized differences in the gut microbiome between racially/ethnically diverse US immigrant and US-born groups, and determined the impact of dietary acculturation on the microbiome. Stool samples were collected from 863 US residents, including US-born (315 White, 93 Black, 40 Hispanic) and foreign-born (105 Hispanic, 264 Korean) groups. We determined dietary acculturation from dissimilarities based on food frequency questionnaires, and used 16S rRNA gene sequencing to characterize the microbiome. Gut microbiome composition differed across study groups, with the largest difference between foreign-born Koreans and US-born Whites, and significant differences also observed between foreign-born and US-born Hispanics.



Image by Angelique Johnson from Pixabay

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Citation Peters, B.A., Yi, S.S., Beasley, J.M. et al. US nativity and dietary acculturation impact the gut microbiome in a diverse US population. ISME J (2020). https://doi.org/10.1038/s41396-020-0630-6