That listeria-contaminated chicken from Tip Top Poultry is for certain responsible for multiple recalls in the United States and Canada.

And while the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta has not yet said so, that listeria-contaminated chicken is the likely source of an outbreak strain of  Listeria monocytogenes the CDC has been investigating since before Aug. 23.

As of that date, no source had been identified for a Listeria outbreak that had infected 24, hospitalized 22, and caused two deaths across 13 states. More needs to be known about that outbreak, but Marietta, GA-based Tip Top Poultry is looking like the source.

Family owned, the 72-year old Tip Top on Sept. 28 — just nine days ago — recalled all cooked, not deboned foul meat it produced from Jan. 22 to Sept. 24. More recalls have followed by Tip Top’s customers.

Credit: Pixabay

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