Having been an RD for 20 years and still going strong, Heidi was eager to share her career story with you. Many dietitians have started blogs (or recently podcasts) to share their expertise and passion, for Heidi that has been a focus on supplements. Her interest in research and functional medicine also shows her passion for helping people feel better.

Why did you become an RD?

Health is everything.  My grandma fell ill when I was 14 and I was very close to her.  She painfully died of cancer when I was 14, and even back then, I realized more could be done to keep her healthy.  At the time, though, I didn’t have the tools!

I have overcome health problems — many.   I was always the person looking at my own symptoms and trying to find a food plan, supplement or natural therapy that could help me or a diet change that could help me. I often found answers in food and plants when I wasn’t getting the answers in the doctor’s office. Knowledge is power, and with that knowledge, we change the trajectory of health.

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