Background: Elderly patients infected with COVID-19 are reported to be facing a substantially increased risk of mortality. Clinical characteristics, treatment options, and potential survival factors remain under investigation. This study aimed to fill this gap and provide clinically relevant factors associated with survival of elderly patients with COVID-19. Methods: In this multi-center study, elderly patients (age ≥65 years old) with laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 from 4 Wuhan hospitals were included.


Doctor and nurse takecare of Infected covid19 patient. Case from coronavirus social issue of world problem. Medical teamwork helping to find vaccine and solution concept.

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Citation: Mei Q, Wang AY, Bryant A, Yang Y, Li M, Wang F, Du S, Kurts C, Wu P, Ma K, Wu L, Chen H, Luo J, Li Y, Hu G, Yuan X, Li J. Survival Factors and Metabolic Pathogenesis in Elderly Patients (≥65) With COVID-19: A Multi-Center Study. Front Med (Lausanne). 2021 Jan 7;7:595503. doi: 10.3389/fmed.2020.595503. PMID: 33585504; PMCID: PMC7873923.