4 November, 2019

  • RedHill plans to launch Talicia®1 in the U.S. in Q1/2020 for the treatment of pylori infection in adults, targeting more than two million patients estimated to be treated for
    H. pylori infection annually

  • Talicia® is the first and only FDA approved rifabutin-based pylori therapy and is designed to address the high and growing bacterial resistance and diminished efficacy of clarithromycin-based standard-of-care therapy

  • pylori affects approximately 35% of U.S. adult population; it is classified as a Group I carcinogen and is the strongest risk factor for the development of peptic ulcer disease, gastritis and non-cardia gastric cancer

  • Talicia® is eligible for 8 years of U.S. market exclusivity under QIDP designation, in addition to patent protection extending until 2034

  • Debt-free balance sheet with approximately $59 million in cash and short-term investments following a recent strategic investment by Cosmo Pharmaceuticals

  • RedHill will host Investor and Analyst day and live webcast on November 22, 2019 to present its planned commercial launch of Talicia® and Aemcolo®

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