Introduction People with bronchiectasis frequently request specialist advice to prepare for travelling, but there are few publications providing advice on safe travel with bronchiectasis. There is a need for recommendations on adapting everyday treatment to the requirements during travelling.

Methods A panel of 13 patient volunteers formulated questions regarding different aspects of travelling, including safety of travel, maintaining regular treatment during travel, and dealing with deterioration while away. Patient input was used to derive a questionnaire and circulated among a panel of bronchiectasis experts. Where 80% or more experts agreed on a response, a recommendation was made.

Results A total of 26 bronchiectasis experts answered the questionnaire. Recommendations were made on safety of travel, choice of destinations and activities, choice of travel insurance, carrying medications and devices, maintaining regular treatments in transport, documentation to be provided and oxygen requirements. Some statements did not reach an 80% agreement; in many cases these statements may be valid for some, but not all bronchiectasis patients.

Conclusions The general agreement was that it is considered safe for most people with bronchiectasis to travel. Careful planning and preparation with robust communication between patients and their healthcare provider prior to travel for different scenarios is fundamental to a successful journey.


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Citation: Shteinberg M, Crossley B, Lavie T, et al. Recommendations for travelling with bronchiectasis: a joint ELF/EMBARC/ERN-Lung collaboration. ERJ Open Res 2019; 5: 00113-2019 [https://doi.org/10.1183/23120541.00113-2019].