The Multnomah County Health Department notified neighbors in the immediate vicinity of a North Portland apartment building where Legionnaires’ Disease has been detected to be aware of any signs of illness and how to lower risk in their homes and buildings.

Multnomah County is alerted to, and tasked with, investigating outbreaks of reportable diseases. On Jan. 5, the County Communicable Disease investigative team and Environmental Health investigators responded to Rosemont Court(link is external), 597 North Dekum St, after multiple people became ill with pneumonia. Their illness was identified as Legionnaires’ Disease. The Communicable Disease investigations team identified the building’s water supply as the likely source.

Six residents have been found to have Legionnaires’ Disease, and another four residents are presumed to have the illness based on symptoms. One person who spent time at a property very close to Rosemont Court has also been found to have Legionnaires’ Disease.

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