Sleek new e-cigarettes usher in an alarming trend among teens

It looks like a flash drive, and it plugs into a laptop’s USB port like a flash drive – but it’s not actually a flash drive. Really, it’s the latest trend in electronic cigarettes, and it’s causing a stir in schools across the country.

Juul is a sleek, black vaping pen that fits in the palm of your hand. Like other top-selling e-cigarettes on the market (including Vuse, Logic, Blu and MarkTen), it comes with little cartridges of “juice” that contain nicotine, fruity flavorings and other chemicals. The cartridges snap into the device, and the juice is heated up when a user inhales, creating a vapor that delivers a quick hit of nicotine — and the pleasant sensation that smoking cigarettes creates, explains pulmonologist Humberto Choi, MD.

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