The problem is more severe in some parts of the world than others, according to a new study.

Chances are you already know it’s a good idea to eat your fruits and vegetables. But how important is it, and what are the stakes? A new study suggests that it’s literally a matter of life and death on an epic scale.

Presented on June 8, 2019, at the American Society for Nutrition annual meeting in Baltimore, preliminary results from the study indicate that low fruit and vegetable consumption may be responsible for millions of deaths from heart disease and strokeeach year worldwide.

In fact, the study estimates that 1 in 7 cardiovascular deaths are caused by not eating enough fruit, while 1 in 12 are caused by not eating enough vegetables. And these numbers only account for deaths caused by deficient diets — not the wider toll that heart disease and stroke can exact by causing poor health, including pain and disability.

Looking at Diets Worldwide


Healthy food in heart dish with doctor’s stethoscope

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