India has just banned a ‘last-hope’ drug misused in livestock, and the WHO has launched a campaign against drug-resistant bacteria. But Israel isn’t doing very much.

India’s health ministry has banned the use of a “last hope” antibiotic known as colistin in farm animals to help stop the growing spread of drug-resistant “superbugs,” a threat the World Health Organization (WHO) has labeled a “global health emergency.” The WHO is calling for strict regulation of all antibiotics in domestic animals. But Israel, the world’s largest poultry consumer per capita, lags behind.

Colistin is a last-resort antibiotic used to treat critically ill patients when all other drugs have failed. In 2015, panic spread across the global medical community when scientists identified a colistin-resistant gene in bacteria from Chinese pigs. Moreover, the mutation was of a kind easily shared between bacteria and soon spread to other animals and humans across five continents.

Credit: CDC

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