Is eczema an autoimmune condition? Are many skin conditions autoimmune? I sought to find out the answers because it is an extremely stubborn and uncomfortable condition. I know first-hand.

Skin conditions can be very difficult to identify and treat.  Why?  The skin is our first line of defense from the rest of the world and is exposed to thousands of substances a day.  These substances come from both from the inside of the body and out.

One rash can look almost identical to another kind as well! The skin is also like an immune mirror; it reflects our diet, our digestive health, and more.

One important note about eczema; our bodies are all very different, so finding your best individualized plan may take some time.  I find that my skin doesn’t like repeated applications of any substance, so I alternate between the following healthy products that I use topically.  A diet with a variety of foods is also important too.  I will explain a lot more as we go.

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