We often think only of person-to-person transmission of disease. And that path certainly is important to understanding how best to control infection. Often overlooked, however, is zoonotic disease, those passed from the animal kingdom to humans. These bugs move the same way as human transmission: direct contact, through the air, through food as well as vector-borne transmissions. It is critical that we study and learn as much as we can about zoonotic disease in the interest of our overall well-being as humans.

Mosquitos are the most prolific and deadly animal on the planet. These small insects can have big impact on our health. Among the laundry list of diseases they can and do transmit: malaria, yellow fever, chikungunya virus, dengue fever, zika, Japanese encephalitis, West Nile virus, Ross River Virus. Again, this is just the short list of the more notable diseases. The links below take you to a series of worth studies and articles that help you further understand the perils of the vector borne disease passed along by this insect.

Diseases that can be Transmitted by Mosquitoes

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Mosquitos have plenty of buddies that also can cause issues in humans. Among those are ticks, which have flourished for millions of years, pre-dating humans. Fossilized remains show Lyme Disease, transmitted by ticks, has been around for as long as 15 million years. When humans arrived, they were not immune to the Lyme or the host of other diseases these bloodsuckers move around. And they continue to be a threat to other animals. Mosquitos and ticks are just a couple of the animals that cause vector borne disease, which must be taken seriously in the interest of overall health.


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