Germs notoriously do not discriminate. They hitch rides any way they can.  And they can make a home quickly on virtually any surface, any piece of equipment. We must be aware of this always, being diligent in our approaches to combat them to prevent the spread of infection. In hospitals, cells phones and tablets have become useful tools that provide welcome platforms to care for patients more efficiently. With their use come some inherent issues to include pathogens congregating on their surfaces. Hence, keeping these vital tools free of germs that might lead to cross-contamination is crucial. They must become part of your institution’s cleaning and disinfection program. Read more at Contaminated Mobile Technology: Making it Part of Your Institution’s Cleaning and Disinfection Program, a terrific piece on the topic found at Infection Control Today.

CC0 License, Pixabay

At the links provided below, we offer chances to explore studies and reports that dig into the topic of cell phones and tablets contamination, methods to address the issue as well as potential solutions being devised at the manufacturing level.