An honest conversation will help you get the results you expect

The complexity of heart failure makes its outcome hard to predict. Some patients remain reasonably stable for years on a standard medical regimen. Others slowly slide downhill, despite aggressive treatment with advanced medications and mechanical therapies.

Keeping someone with heart failure out of the hospital and symptom-free is a time-consuming, frustrating task. If you have heart failure, you are more likely to be satisfied with this process if you work closely with your doctor toward a common goal. This requires letting your doctor know your priorities as early as possible in the treatment process.

“I ask every new patient what they expect and hope from the appointment,” says heart failure specialist Maria Mountis, DO. “It’s very important to talk about this, because it is easier for me to make recommendations when I know what the patient wants.”

Not all heart failure patients want the same thing

Tvanbr [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons

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