Working out is not only good for your physical health, it provides incredible mental health benefits as well.

We typically associate exercising with our limbs and body. We think of exercise as physical activity. But exercise is an equally, if not more, powerful mental workout. It’s a workout for our brains. And it’s one of the most powerful antidotes against stress. It reduces your adrenaline and cortisol levels, your primary stress levels. It also causes the production of endorphins, which decrease our perceptions of pain and boost our happiness. This is especially important for leaders and executives who are susceptible to depression. Depression is a serious mood disorder that causes extended and significant feelings of sadness, a loss of self-esteem, and a loss of hope. It also tends to cause a loss of interest in daily activities, including work.

Credit: iStock, Mladen Zivkovic

Smiling senior man with weight at gym. Looking at camera.

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