Why exercise is a big part of the cure

“I know I’m supposed to exercise, but I’m just too tired.” This is the comment I hear from so many of my breast cancer patients.

I am a physical therapist who sees women after they have had a mastectomy, reconstruction, chemotherapy, radiation — or any combination of those treatments. What is the most common complaint? Fatigue. Not just tiredness, we’re talking fatigue. Waking up tired. Can’t stay upright tired. Sound familiar?

Up to 90% of breast cancer patients report some degree of fatigue. It’s natural to feel fatigue with the hard work your body is doing to heal itself. Fatigue can have physical causes, including surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. It can also have emotional causes, such as stress and worry.

But whatever the reason, exercise is a big part of the cure.

Why exercise = more energy


Credit: Pixabay

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