New clinic launched for cancer survivors and others with these often overlooked issues

Female sexual dysfunction is a prevalent but often-undertreated phenomenon, especially among cancer survivors. The problems, which include low sexual desire, difficulty reaching orgasm or pain on intercourse, among others, can be devastating to women and their partners.

Compounding these issues, physicians often feel unprepared to deal with them, reports Pelin Batur, MD, Ob/Gyn & Women’s Health Institute. “Physicians may not have time to address these complex issues, or feel they don’t have many options to offer patients. If the woman is shy about discussing the issue, physicians may underestimate the impact of the problem in the patient’s life.”

Luckily, multiple treatments are available to help such women. Treatments include detailed sexual education, mindfulness therapies, counseling, pelvic floor physical therapy, systemic and vaginal hormonal treatments (both estrogen and nonestrogen), as well as nonhormonal medications. Sometimes, just spending the time to discuss simple options, such as using the right type of lubricant, can make all of the difference in a woman’s life.

CC0 Creative Commons, Pixabay

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