• Authorities expect number of cases to continue to rise and urge public to get vaccinated as early as possible, and observe strict hygiene
  • Overall admission rate with an influenza diagnosis in public hospitals passes threshold of 0.25 per 10,000 people last week, reaching the 0.40 mark

Hong Kong has entered the winter peak flu season, according to health authorities who say there have been 23 outbreaks reported so far in schools or public facilities this week, nearly six times the number recorded over the last two weeks.

“We anticipate that local seasonal influenza activity will continue to rise in the coming weeks and remain at an elevated level for some time,” a spokesman for the Centre for Health Protection under the Department of Health said on Thursday.

“We again urge the public, particularly children, the elderly and patients with chronic diseases, to get vaccinated as early as possible and observe strict personal, hand and environmental hygiene

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at all times.”

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