The Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP), with support from the Wellcome Trust, a London-based research nonprofit—with an eye toward improving flu vaccines, promoting truly revolutionary versions, and ensuring more equitable distribution—today released a draft of the Influenza Vaccines Research & Development Roadmap (IVR) for public review and comment.

The IVR project is being led by a steering group of scientists and policymakers and supported by a CIDRAP core team. It aims to develop a globally oriented influenza strategic planning tool to coordinate research and development (R&D), funding, and stakeholder engagement to produce more effective flu vaccines and reduce the impact of future influenza pandemics.

Begun in January 2019 and slated for full publication in summer 2021, the roadmap provides a 10-year plan with the ultimate goal of improving seasonal flu vaccines and generating new “universal” or broadly protective vaccines that are effective against a range of viral strains and provide more durable, long-lasting protection.

CIDRAP publishes CIDRAP News, but the center’s news service operates independently of its research and policy efforts. See today’s related commentary.

Shortcomings of current flu vaccines

Credit: CDC

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