Marking the first federal collaboration report of its kind on US zoonotic disease threats, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and its partners have released a top priority list of eight diseases that includes influenza, salmonellosis, plague, MERS-CoV, and Lyme disease.

Based on a workshop held in December, officials from the CDC, the US Department of the Interior (DOI), and the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) agreed on the list and made recommendations using a One Health approach, a collaborative system for achieving the best health outcomes by factoring in connections between people, animals, plants, and their shared environments.

Casey Barton Behravesh, DVM, DrPH, MS, who directs the CDC’s One Health office, said in a CDC press release, “Every year, tens of thousands of Americans get sick from diseases spread between animals and people.” She added that the CDC and its partners are bringing together disease detectives, laboratorians, physicians, and veterinarians to prevent the illnesses and protect the health of people, animals, and the environment.

Credit: Pixabay

Eight top US threats

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