A survey out today from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) indicates that European healthcare workers, for the most part, have a high level of knowledge about appropriate antibiotic use and the role that inappropriate prescribing plays in antibiotic resistance. But important knowledge gaps remain.

In the survey of more than 18,000 healthcare workers in 30 European Union/European Economic Activity (EU/EEA) countries, 89% agreed that there was a connection between their prescribing of antibiotics and the emergence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, and 97% to 98% agreed that antibiotics are not effective against viruses or colds and are associated with side effects.

But less than 60% of the respondents were able to answer seven true/false knowledge questions about antibiotics correctly. And only 58% agreed that they had a key role to play in helping control antibiotic resistance.

The survey, released in conjunction with European Antibiotic Awareness Day, was accompanied by reports on EU/EEA antibiotic consumption and resistance levels in 2018.

More education, resources needed

Credit: iStock, MacXever

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