•    The search for colistin-resistance was done in 40 environmental sampling collected at eight different farmlands in the Algerian North West.
•    From 103 colistin-resistance strain, 52 were isolated from agricultural soils, 31 from irrigation water and horse, and 20 from ovine and bovine manure.
•    For E. coli strains, 6 were carrying mcr-1 gene and 2 were carrying mcr-3 gene.
•    MIC for colistin was corresponding to 2 μg/mL for (E1 to E4) and 4 μg/mL for (E5 to E8).
•    The 8 E. coli strains belonged to different ST (ST10, ST155, ST345 and ST405).
•    This was the first description of mcr-3 gene in the Algerian farms.


Credit: CDC

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