Editor’s Note: The original headline for this story was incorrect. Four new cases involve healthcare workers, not necessarily doctors. The headline was corrected later on May 13.

Once again, violent clashes in the Ebola outbreak region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) have resulted in a spike of cases. Over the weekend and through today, the DRC’s ministry of health recorded 56 new Ebola cases, including 4 in healthcare workers, and 19 new deaths.

The new cases bring the outbreak total to 1,705, including 1,124 deaths. A total of 251 suspected cases are still under investigation. The total number of health workers infected during the outbreak is now 101.

All newly infected health workers, from Mabalako, Kalunguta, Butembo, and Manugurujipa, were unvaccinated. The DRC health ministry reported 13 new cases on May 11, 18 yesterday, and 25 today.

As of today, 114,553 people have been vaccinated against Ebola, including more than 28,000 front-line health workers.

Several cities and villages reported new cases over the last 3 days, including 14 in Kalunguta and 13 in Mbalako. Of the 19 deaths, 15 took place in the community, which raises the risk of further disease transmission.

Evaluating treatment center after MSF departure

Credit: CDC Nahid Bhadelia MD

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