One day after the World Health Organization (WHO) called the ongoing Ebola crisis in the eastern reaches of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) a public health emergency of international concern (PHEIC), DRC officials said they accept the designation — with some reservations.

“The ministry hopes that this decision is not the result of the many pressures from different stakeholder groups who wanted to use this statement as an opportunity to raise funds for humanitarian actors despite the potentially harmful and unforeseen consequences for the affected communities that depend on them,” the DRC ministry of health said yesterday in their daily update on the outbreak.

Officials also said the DRC government had been and remained to be transparent about how funding was being used in the outbreak, and that they hope any aid group that receives an increase in funding because of the PHEIC would also be transparent about spending.

The comments seem to reflect the hesitancy the some in the DRC have had surrounding a PHEIC, which they argue would do little to actually increase the outbreak response and instead further economic distress in that country.

The designation comes just a few days after Goma, the region’s largest city recorded their first case of the disease.

(CC BY 2.0), flickr, Aalok Kanani

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