A report today from a multidisciplinary panel of Canadian researchers estimates that 15 Canadians died each day last year as a direct result of antibiotic-resistant infections.

And unless action is taken to address rising antimicrobial resistance (AMR), that number will grow substantially in the coming years, with additional impacts to the country’s economy and quality of life, the panel concludes.

The report from the Council of Canadian Academies (CCA), titled “When Antibiotics Fail,” found that an average of 26% of bacterial infections reported in Canada in 2018 were resistant to first-line treatment, with 14,000 deaths linked to those infections and 5,400 deaths directly attributable to antibiotic resistance. Longer hospital stays and longer courses of treatment associated with drug-resistant infections cost the Canadian healthcare system more than $1 billion (in Canadian dollars), and the resulting impact on labor productivity cost the country’s economy $2 billion.

Credit: iStock, MacXever

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