Coronavirus Researchers Tried to Warn Us

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Before the pandemic hit, they struggled to get funding that might have hastened treatments for COVID-19. The now-prophetic words could be found at the end of a research paper published in the journal Clinical Microbiology Reviews in October of 2007: “The presence of a large reservoir of SARS-CoV-like viruses in horseshoe bats, together with the culture of eating [...]

Coronavirus: Child psychologists highlight mental health risks of lockdown

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The delay in getting children and adolescents back to schools is a "national disaster" that is putting their mental health at risk, say leading psychologists. In an open letter to Education Secretary Gavin Williamson, they say the isolation of lockdown is harming already vulnerable young people. Highlighting the low risk to children of Covid-19, they call for [...]

David Oliver: The structural problems highlighted by covid-19

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There’s been much to celebrate in the extraordinary, professional, and brave response of NHS staff to covid-19. But the crisis has also brought to wider attention a host of structural problems that those in the know had already recognised. As we consider settling back into business as usual, it’s important that we focus on solutions. Acres [...]

Has Sweden’s controversial covid-19 strategy been successful?

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Sweden has stood out in the global pandemic by eschewing lockdown and seemingly aiming for herd immunity. Heba Habib reports that Sweden’s public was supportive of the strategy, but is now paying a heavy price. For months Swedish public health authorities have defended their controversial decision not to lock down the country in response to the [...]

COVID-19 Pandemic: Practical Considerations on the Organization of an Allergy Clinic – An EAACI/ARIA Position Paper

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Abstract Background:The Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has evolved as a pandemic infectious disease transmitted by the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV-)2. Allergists and other health care providers (HCPs) in the field of allergies and associated airway diseases are in the front line, taking care of patients potentially infected with SARS-CoV-2. Hence, strategies and practices [...]

7 Steps To Prepare For The Second Pandemic Wave

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Until this year, most disasters Americans were preparing for a threat that they could see and react to it, with some sense of confidence and available skillset. Most of the SHTF events we thought of, such as economic collapse or natural disasters, generally presented their threats as other people. However, we soon realized that a pandemic can [...]

What comes after covid-19? Preparing for post-intensive care syndrome

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We do not yet know precisely the outcomes that survivors of covid-19 will face, but we should be ready with support for those experiencing the psychiatric sequelae of intensive care, say Daniela Lamas and colleagues As the threat posed by covid-19 soared, healthcare workers scrambled to address the crises moment by moment: respiratory failure and its management, rationed [...]

As California Trains 20,000 Contact Tracers, Librarians and Tax Assessors Step Up

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After more than two months at home, Lisa Fagundes really misses her work managing the science fiction book collection of the San Francisco Public Library. She feels like she's in withdrawal, longing to see new books, touch them, smell them. "It's like a disease," she says, laughing. But recently, she's been learning how to combat a different [...]

Ciguatera poisoning from imported fish suspected in the Netherlands

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Five people in the Netherlands have been affected by ciguatera poisoning likely caused by frozen red snapper steaks from India. Those sick had a meal together in mid-May and developed symptoms including gastroenteritis and neurological complaints within three hours. None of them needed hospital treatment. Tjitte Mastenbroek, a press officer at the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product [...]

Legionnaires’ Disease with COVID-19-like Symptoms Poses New Threat Post Lockdown

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The United States is now gradually easing coronavirus lockdowns. However, BGR reported a new unfortunate cost associated to the lockdowns has emerged, with experts pointing out that an outbreak of Legionnaire's disease as a by-product of the lockdowns are spreading in the US. The disease thrives at empty offices as everyone started working from home. Lockdowns and [...]