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The First Record of Aedes vittatus (Diptera: Culicidae) in the Dominican Republic: Public Health Implications of a Potential Invasive Mosquito Species in the Americas

By |2021-01-15T13:02:32+00:00January 15th, 2021|

Abstract Aedes vittatus Bigot is distributed throughout Africa, tropical Asia, and southern Europe and occurs in sylvatic as well as peridomestic environments where it readily feeds on humans. Although [...]

Readmission and Death After Initial Hospital Discharge Among Patients With COVID-19 in a Large Multihospital System

By |2021-01-15T08:52:51+00:00January 3rd, 2021|

Although more patients are surviving severe coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), there are limited data on outcomes after initial hospitalization. We therefore measured the rate of readmission, reasons for [...]

Effect of High-Dose Trivalent vs Standard-Dose Quadrivalent Influenza Vaccine on Mortality or Cardiopulmonary Hospitalization in Patients With High-risk Cardiovascular Disease

By |2021-01-15T08:53:11+00:00January 1st, 2021|

Question  Among patients with recent myocardial infarction or hospitalization for heart failure, is high-dose trivalent inactivated influenza vaccine more effective than standard-dose quadrivalent inactivated influenza vaccine for reducing [...]

Persistent Functional Decline Following Hospitalization with Influenza or Acute Respiratory Illness

By |2021-01-01T09:09:27+00:00January 1st, 2021|

Background/objectives Influenza is associated with significant morbidity and mortality, particularly for older adults. Persistent functional decline following hospitalization has important impacts on older adults' wellbeing and independence, but has [...]

Indoor aerosol water content and phase state in U.S. residences: impacts of relative humidity, aerosol mass and composition, and mechanical system operation

By |2021-01-15T08:53:58+00:00December 24th, 2020|

Abstract Hygroscopic particulate matter (PM) constituents promote uptake of aerosol water (AW), depending on relative humidity (RH), which can constrain qualities such as organic aerosol (OA) phase state [...]

Human transport of thirdhand tobacco smoke: A prominent source of hazardous air pollutants into indoor nonsmoking environments

By |2021-01-15T08:54:13+00:00December 24th, 2020|

Abstract The contamination of indoor nonsmoking environments with thirdhand smoke (THS) is an important, poorly understood public health concern. Real-time THS off-gassing from smokers into a nonsmoking movie theater [...]