Global COVID-19 total tops 18 million, plans gel for virus-origin probe

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The global pandemic total jumped past 18 million today, driven by steady large-scale outbreaks in populous countries, such as India, Brazil, and the United States. It took only 4 days for the world's COVID-19 total to jump from 17 million to 18 million, and today the total climbed to 18,157,379 cases, with 690,742 deaths, according to [...]

COVID-19 surges in new states as Birx warns of rural spread

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Over the weekend, Alaska, Hawaii, Missouri, Montana, and Oklahoma saw the biggest increases in positive COVID-19 tests, according to the Washington Post, a harbinger that the current phase of the pandemic seems to be moving up and out from the Sun Belt. The pandemic, according to Deborah Birx, MD, lead adviser to the White House's coronavirus task force, has [...]

Health workers, especially minorities, at high risk for COVID, even with PPE

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At the peak of the pandemic in the United States and the United Kingdom, frontline healthcare workers (HCWs) who had adequate personal protective equipment (PPE) were still at more than three times the risk of COVID-19 infection than the general public—even after accounting for differences in testing frequency, according to a study published late last week in The [...]

Cruise Ship Returns to Sea, Immediately Suffers Coronavirus Outbreak

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A Norwegian cruise ship suffered a coronavirus outbreak just over a month after it set sail for the first time since the pandemic swept the world. Passengers had already disembarked Hurtigruten’s MS Roald Amundsen by the time its owners discovered that 33 crew members had tested positive as it sat docked in Tromsø, Norway on [...]

Survivors of Covid-19 show increased rate of psychiatric disorders, study finds

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More than half of people who received hospital treatment for Covid-19 were found to be suffering from a psychiatric disorder a month later, a study has found. Out of 402 patients monitored after being treated for the virus, 55% were found to have at least one psychiatric disorder, experts from San Raffaele hospital in Milan found. The [...]

Lawmakers are waking up to the dangers of silica dust – are contractors?

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MPs from the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for respiratory health have recently called for more measures to protect workers at risk from developing silicosis. The construction industry must make sure it is doing all it can to protect employees against this ‘silent killer’. The APPG launched its inquiry in 2019 to look at the dangers of [...]

Assessment of SARS-CoV-2 Screening Strategies to Permit the Safe Reopening of College Campuses in the United States

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Question  What screening and isolation programs for severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) will keep students at US residential colleges safe and permit the reopening of campuses? Findings  This analytic modeling study of a hypothetical cohort of 4990 college-age students without SARS-CoV-2 infection and 10 students with undetected asymptomatic cases of SARS-CoV-2 infection suggested that frequent [...]

The Three Key Hurdles for a Coronavirus Vaccine to Clear

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Vaccines have transformed the world, saving hundreds of millions of lives. They are also by far our best hope to stop the Covid-19 pandemic. Our other choices for stopping the disease are staying apart, which hammers our economy and society, or building “herd immunity” through natural infection, which would mean more than a million deaths in [...]

Targetable Biological Mechanisms Implicated in Emergent Psychiatric Conditions Associated With SARS-CoV-2 Infection

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Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) emerged in 2019 and then rapidly led to a pandemic with widespread cases of SARS and excess mortality. In response, mitigation efforts (including social distancing, quarantining, and closing of businesses and schools) have resulted in an unprecedented economic downfall. There is concern that these environmental stressors, augmented by [...]

Researchers offer ways to promote safety when reopening colleges

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Researchers who conducted a decision and cost-effectiveness study published today in JAMA Network Open have concluded that the safe reopening of US college campuses amid the COVID-19 pandemic this fall relies on every-other-day screening of asymptomatic students and strict compliance with physical distancing and infection-control protocols. The study involved modeling a hypothetical cohort of 4,990 healthy college students and [...]