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TWO YEARS AGO, a 6-year-old boy playing on his family’s farm in Oregon cut himself. His parents cleaned the wound and stitched it, and everything seemed fine—until, six days later, he began having muscle spasms, arching his back, and clenching his jaw. The boy had tetanus, the first case in a child to occur in Oregon [...]

In a religious N.Y. community, an unprecedented response to measles puts trust in government to the test

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NEW SQUARE, N.Y. — It began with a voyage from the Holy Land. The visitors arrived from Israel in October at the end of Sukkot, a Jewish holiday during which religious congregations gather for meals, prayer, and dance. They brought with them, inadvertently, a case of measles. One exploded into dozens, and over the past [...]

Common lung conditions linked to heart disease

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Patients with some of the most common lung diseases are substantially more likely to suffer a heart attack and develop other major heart problems according to new research. The team of heart and lung doctors from the University of Manchester and Aston Medical School found people with asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease(COPD) and lung fibrosis, were [...]

Watch: What makes us healthy?

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To understand what makes us healthy, we need to look at the bigger picture. Watch our animation about the wider factors that shape our opportunities to live healthy lives – from the work we do to the places where we live.   Credit: iStock, Toa55 Read more...    

How Acts of Kindness Can Ease Your Social Anxiety

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Study shows interaction with others can help overcome social fears For those who struggle with social anxiety, just the thought of getting out of the house and interacting with others can be a cause of stress. If this is you, recent research shows how you can take an active role to defeat your anxiety: Perform random acts of kindness. Image by [...]

What causes autism? Exploring the environmental contribution

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Abstract PURPOSE OF REVIEW: Autism is a biologically based disorder of brain development. Genetic factors--mutations, deletions, and copy number variants--are clearly implicated in causation of autism. However, they account for only a small fraction of cases, and do not easily explain key clinical and epidemiological features. This suggests that early environmental exposures also contribute. This [...]

How can we promote healthier food choices?

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Professor Dame Sally Davies, Chief Medical Officer for England and Chief Medical Advisor to the Government, explains how the country can tackle obesity. This is a guest post by Professor Dame Sally Davies. All views expressed are Sally’s own and not necessarily shared by Which?.   Renee Comet (Photographer) [Public domain or Public domain], [...]