Not yet, and perhaps not ever On 29 February 2020, South Korea, a country of similar population size to England, recorded 909 news cases of covid-19. At the time, this was one of the worst covid-19 outbreaks outside Wuhan in China, the origin of the global pandemic.1 On the same day, only 55 new cases of covid-19 were recorded in England. By mid-May, despite several weeks of “lockdown” and a decline in numbers since the peak in April 2020, the UK was still recording over 3000 cases each day; this compared with fewer than 30 cases a day in South Korea. Furthermore, the UK has so far recorded over 36 000 deaths from covid-19 compared with under 300 in South Korea.2 Why has the impact of covid-19 in the two countries varied so much?


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Citation Majeed AzeemSeo YongseokHeo KyungmooLee DaejoongCan the UK emulate the South Korean approach to covid-19?