As a parent, it can be overwhelming to see your child’s face become red and botchy within minutes of eating a meal. Trying to diagnose and determine exactly what foods or ingredients are causing a food allergy can feel like a medical treasure hunt. The process is full of twists, but the reward is keeping a child healthy.

Diagnosing food allergies, and then managing them once they are diagnosed, can be fraught with challenges.

“You learn how to manage food allergies because you have to,” says Susie Hultquist, founder and CEO of the Chicago-based app Spokin, which has Yelp-like reviews and easily accessible information about food allergies.

“You have no other choice. You’ve got to be vigilant all the time,” says Hultquist, who created Spokin to help her daughter and other food allergy parents.


Credit: iStock, gilaxia

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