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Risk of Mining-related Lung Disease Varies by Region, Mine Type, and Safety Observance

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With the recent resurgence of the most severe form of black lung disease among coal miners, especially in central Appalachia, understanding and preventing exposure to the respirable, or inhalable, dust generated during the extraction of coal is paramount.  Black lung is a form of pneumoconiosis, or scarring lung disease, caused by breathing in dust that [...]

8 Surprising Food Safety Mistakes You Might Be Making

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When you take the time to prepare a meal, you probably expect your food to nourish you instead of making you sick. But foodborne illness due to harmful bacteria, viruses, parasites, toxins, and chemicals is astoundingly common. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that about 48 million people experience a foodborne illness every year in the [...]


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GINA has added an important addition to the resources that we offer to assist practitioners treating patients with asthma. A new Pocket Guide, “Diagnosis and Management of Difficult-to-treat and Severe Asthma in adolescent and adult patients” is now available on the GINA website, and print copies may be ordered via the “Contact Us” form on the [...]

Metagenomic analysis of viruses in toilet waste from long distance flights—A new procedure for global infectious disease surveillance

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Abstract Human viral pathogens are a major public health threat. Reliable information that accurately describes and characterizes the global occurrence and transmission of human viruses is essential to support national and global priority setting, public health actions, and treatment decisions. However, large areas of the globe are currently without surveillance due to limited health care [...]

6 Worst Myths You’ve Ever Heard About Weight Loss

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Our dietitians separate fact from fiction Are you trying to lose weight but not getting anywhere? It may be because you’re buying into common misconceptions about weight loss. Here, six dietitians weigh in on the worst myths about Credit: Pixabay weight loss and the truth behind them: Read more at healthessentials...