Learning about the different antidepressants and treatments for depression can help you become the best advocate for your mental health

With 322 million people in the world suffering from depression, it comes as no surprise that those diagnosed with depression experiences different signs and symptoms of the condition. The symptoms of major depressive disorder, or clinical depression, may affect how you feel, think and handle everyday activities.

“With a combination of therapy and antidepressants, most people with depression can find a treatment plan that works for them,” said Joy Alonzo, PharmD, MEng, specialist in the pharmacotherapy of mental disorders and a clinical assistant professor of pharmacy practice at the Texas A&M College of Pharmacy. “However, everyone will respond differently to each antidepressant, so you need to work closely with your health care providers to find what works best for you.”

Signs and symptoms of depression


Photo by Claudia Barbosa from Pexels

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