Another path for infection.  All to often the airborne pathway is not recognized because it is not studied…


The Japanese encephalitis virus (JEV), a causative agent of severe viral encephalitis in humans, has a biological cycle fluctuating between transmission in mosquitoes and avian species and amplification in pigs. Contact transmission of JEV was recently shown in pigs in the absence of arthropod vectors. Here, we show JEV transmission between infected and contact mice and further demonstrate that JEV transmission occurs between animals via aerosols, as both viral RNA and infectious JEV were detected in direct contact- and aerosol-exposed contact animals. The results of this study change our understanding of JEV transmission in densely populated regions and may help to explain JEV outbreaks without the presence of arthropod vectors.

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Chai, C.; Palinski, R.; Xu, Y.; Wang, Q.; Cao, S.; Geng, Y.; Zhao, Q.; Wen, Y.; Huang, X.; Yan, Q.; Ma, X.; Wen, X.; Huang, Y.; Han, X.; Ma, W.; Wu, R. Aerosol and Contact Transmission Following Intranasal Infection of Mice with Japanese Encephalitis Virus. Viruses 201911, 87.