(*) Asymptomatic pathogen carriers are those who have no symptoms but have a positive PCR test

 Yesterday (January 30), at 210: 45 yesterday at the National Institute of Infectious Diseases, out of 210 Japanese nationals who returned to Japan on a charter flight from Wuhan City at 20:45, they were involved in a new coronavirus. Testing revealed that all 13 individuals were negative.
 At around 10:00 today (January 31), the National Institute of Infectious Diseases reported results for the remaining 197 patients. Among them, there were two cases of infectious diseases related to the new coronavirus. Both cases are asymptomatic pathogen carriers.
These were Japanese who were returned to Japan yesterday on a charter flight from Wuhan, and a new coronavirus was detected as a result of a PCR test conducted at the National Center for Global Health and Medicine. We will carry out proactive epidemiological investigations on this matter, including the identification of close contacts.

Image by Chris Horvath from Pixabay

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