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In a recent paper authored by Stanford researchers, biotech startups were criticized for not sharing their discoveries through peer-reviewed research studies. So in that light, it is great to see a biotech company such as Viome publish a study about their microbiome consumer product. Viome’s leaders have been very vocal about the superiority of their product – which is based on RNA transcription – over that of other microbiome consumer tests, which are based on DNA amplification and sequencing. But until this preprint came out, no research on the Viome product had been published. So I was excited to hear about this preprint!


Credit: CDC

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An open peer review of a preprint paper by Hatch A et al. from Viome, posted on OSF Preprints, January 2019.

Full disclosure: I worked for Viome’s competitor uBiome from October 2016 – December 2018. I am currently an independent consultant.

A robust metatranscriptomic technology for population-scale studies of diet, gut microbiome, and human health

Andrew Hatch, James Horne, Ryan Toma, Brittany L. Twibell, Kalie M. Somerville, Benjamin Pelle, Kinga P. Canfield, Guruduth Banavar, Ally Perlina, Helen Messier, Niels Klitgord and Momchilo Vuyisich*

Viome, Inc, Los Alamos, NM 87544, United States.