Lens replacement surgery can fix cataracts and eliminate the need for glasses.

There is a good chance you wear some kind of glasses. And there is an even greater chance you one day will need cataract surgery. Now you can take care of both problems at once.

As you age, the lenses inside your eyes lose their flexibility. This process, called presbyopia, leads to the need for reading glasses or bifocal/progressive spectacles as you reach middle age and beyond. Over the years, your lenses also become progressively cloudy, a condition known as cataracts, which causes blurry vision that glasses alone cannot fix.

Unfortunately, both conditions are inevitable. “Your eyesight will naturally decline, and getting cataracts is as common as getting gray hair,” says Dr. Z. Katie Luo, an ophthalmologist who specializes in cataract, cornea, and refractive surgeries at Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts Eye and Ear.

iStock, RapidEye

iStock, RapidEye

Life without glasses

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