The microbiological content of drinking water traditionally is determined by employing culture-dependent methods that are unable to detect all microorganisms, especially those that are not culturable. High-throughput sequencing now makes it possible to determine the microbiome of drinking water. Thus, the natural microbiota of water and water distribution systems can now be determined more accurately and analyzed in significantly greater detail, providing comprehensive understanding of the microbial community of drinking water applicable to public health. In this study, shotgun metagenomic analysis was performed to determine the microbiological content of drinking water and to provide a preliminary assessment of tap, drinking fountain, sparkling natural mineral, and non-mineral bottled water.


Credit: Amanda Mills CDC

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Citation Brumfield KD, Hasan NA, Leddy MB, Cotruvo JA, Rashed SM, Colwell RR, et al. (2020) A comparative analysis of drinking water employing metagenomics. PLoS ONE 15(4): e0231210.