Here is a (long) overdue look at what we have learned of the Texas outbreak in 2019:

1. The cases began in late June [2019] with peaks in early July [2019], all ranchers we talked with reported explosions of biting flies on or around the first week of July [2019] with most major deaths occurring by the end of July [2019].
2. Some of the ranches had cases continuing into late August [2019]; there was massive rain in June [2019] regionally with the “typical” hot dry period after those rains.
3. Cases were widespread; Dr. Zack Davis felt it was one of the largest in a lifetime – larger than 2005, which you will recall was also widespread. [See: 9 Jul 2005 Anthrax, cervidae, livestock – USA (TX) 20050709.1944. But the 2001 epidemic killed 80% of the deer in West Texas and was far worse. See links below. – Mod.MHJ]

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