Every so often, a transformative event tests a nation’s ability to coordinate a response. The United States’ encounter with SARS-CoV-2 virus causing the COVID-19 disease has left a lot to be desired. Its teachings act as fertile ground to improve next time. For there will be more adverse events, and an agroterrorism attack is a real possibility. Agroterrorism is defined as “acts of terrorism intended to damage a country’s agricultural production or food supply.” While hostile attacks on animals and crops have existed as long as humans have been farming, agroterrorism has been of particular national concern since 9/11. Troops discovered US agricultural documents in an Al Qaeda hideout in Afghanistan in 2002, including “ten pathogens [that] targeted food, six [that] targeted livestock and poultry, and four [that] targeted crops.”



(CC BY 2.0), flickr, The Meat Case

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