Eating raw sauerkraut is not a fleeting food trend because sauerkraut benefits may extend to every system of our body.  In fact,  eating sauerkraut every day is one of the most important things I do for my health.  I challenge you to try it for yourself! While this may seem like a weird food, you may learn to love raw sauerkraut too when it makes you feel SO good.

Without a doubt, the connection between gut health and ALL health is strong.

Human health and probiotic health are inseparable. Even the biggest doubters are coming around to the idea that our digestive tract dictates a large portion of our health.  Why is this true?  Our digestive tract is home to around 80% of our immune system; this can make or break all of your health, brain function, and vitality [R]!

Image by Pavlofox from Pixabay

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