Two tenants living on Unionport Road have reportedly come down with Legionnaires’ disease.

Department of Health officials held a public meeting Tuesday to inform residents about the Legionnaires’ scare.

In a letter obtained by News 12, the DOH lists several buildings on Unionport Road that may be affected. DOH officials say they notify tenants when there are two or more cases reported within 12 months at addresses that share a hot water distribution system.

Health officials notified tenants that they will be testing the water and will keep them informed.

Legionnaires’ disease is a type of pneumonia caused by legionella bacteria. People who inhale water vapor that contains the bacteria can get sick.

A spokesperson for Parkchester South Condominium, where the meeting took place, says in part: “Parkchester South Condominium is working in very close cooperation with the NYC Department of Health to assure the wellbeing of all of our residents. When the department alerted us that two cases of Legionella were indicated within our community, we immediately worked in tandem with the department to inspect all potentially affected areas and comply with their standard operating protocol of issuing the department’s Resident Water Use Recommendations, which is being held at tonight’s resident information session.”

For now, tenants are advised to avoid taking showers. Instead, they should take a bath, but fill the tub slowly. Tenants should also slowly fill the sink to wash dishes. Lastly, tenants can drink tap water, but when using it for tea, coffee or cooking, they should start with cold water.

DOH officials say the chance of contracting the disease is low.