This happened: I had an iron deficiency for years, perhaps decades before I finally figured it out how to effectively treat it. Iron deficiency treatment is far from perfect and there are many myths about food sources and supplements of iron.

Why would a nutritionist not know how to recognize their own iron deficiency?! In hindsight, I should have known. I should have been more proactive. However, deficiency can be so subtle, it is challenging to read by symptoms alone.

If it can happen to me, it might happen to you, especially if you are female and of reproductive age.

To my credit, iron is NOT screened and followed up in most doctor’s offices.  I did find a great doctor who did check my ferritin, the storage form of iron.  More on this later.

Here, I will tell you how to ask the right questions and find out if you need to get your iron checked out as well. I will also explore how much and how long you need to take iron to keep your levels where they need to be.

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