New opportunity for health professionals to improve asthma care

8 Oct 2018

The National Asthma Council Australia today launched their Health Professionals Network (HPN), which will give a broad range of health workers the chance to get involved with the organisation’s projects. The National Asthma Council Australia produces best-practice resources for health professionals and patients and delivers training courses nationally for primary health care staff. 

The HPN is a community of health professionals who provide care to people with asthma or allergies, and who want to help improve asthma resources and services. The HPN will be consulted for ideas, feedback and advice to ensure diverse health professional perspectives are included throughout projects. 

According to Chief Executive Officer, Siobhan Brophy, “It’s important to hear a broad range of health professionals’ experiences, to make sure the guidance we’re giving is practical and deliverable in the real world.” 

The HPN will supplement the National Asthma Council Australia’s well-established GP and pharmacist advisory groups, now augmented by a nursing advisory group. 

“Health professional involvement helps to increase the understanding and effectiveness of how asthma care is delivered in Australia, improving outcomes for both the community and health professionals,” Ms Brophy added. 

In addition to their own resources, the HPN will also support the National Asthma Council Australia’s work with policymakers and other organisations, to advocate for better funding and services to help people live better with their asthma.  

All people working in the Australian health care system and providing services to people with asthma or allergies are welcome to join the HPN. 

Opportunities will vary depending on the project but will include activities such as surveys and focus groups. Members will receive an email whenever engagement opportunities are available, and members are free to participate as much or as little as they like. 

For more information and to join the Health Professionals Network, go to 



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