Cholera outbreak in Far North Region of Cameroon

The cholera outbreak in Cameroon is persisting and the Far North Region has shown a rapid increase in incidence cases in the last two weeks. From 2-9 November 2018, the Far North Region recorded 106 new suspected cholera cases, while North Region recorded 12. Four new deaths were reported in the Far North during this period.


As of 9 November 2018, a cumulative total of 863 suspected cholera cases and 54 deaths (case fatality ratio 6.3%) have been reported from 17 health districts in four of the 10 regions of the country, since the beginning of the outbreak on 18 May 2018.

The ongoing cholera outbreak in Cameroon is of concern, particularly the persistence and the rapid increase of cases in the Far North Region. Active conflict and population displacement in these regions complicate the public health response. The high case fatality ratio in the North and Far North regions is equally concerning, as is the high proportion of community deaths in the Far North Region. Urgent measures are required to avoid an escalation of the cholera outbreak in northern Cameroon. Expansion of the cholera outbreak to the North-west and South-west regions, experiencing a deteriorating humanitarian situation, is likely, and needs to be proactively averted by stepping up preparedness measures.


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