Study provides insight into how nanoparticles interact with biological systems

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Findings can help scientists engineer nanoparticles that are ‘benign by design’ Personal electronic devices -- smartphones, computers, TVs, tablets, screens of all kinds -- are a significant and growing source of the world’s electronic waste. Many of these products use nanomaterials, but little is known about how these modern materials and their tiny particles interact [...]

Time to act: air pollution is damaging our brains as well as our lungs

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Air pollution has countless victims—nearly nine out of ten people across the globe breathe polluted air, according to the World Health Organization – and new research from London suggests it even reaches the unborn, moving from a mothers’ lungs to placenta and foetus. While the toll breathing polluted air exacts on health and physical well-being is well documented and well-known, [...]

Wellingtonians become guinea pigs in search for universal flu vaccine

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Every year sometime in Autumn, Kiwis across the country line up to get jabbed in the arm. They are trying to fend off the watery eyes, sore throats, aching body, fevers and chills all associated with the dreaded flu, by getting the flu vaccine that should hold them through to the next year. However, scientists tucked [...]

Rheumatology-Oncology: Understanding Autoimmunity Through the Lens of Checkpoint Inhibitor Biology

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By Leonard Calabrese, DO The intersection of the fields of rheumatology and oncology has advanced rapidly with the introduction of the first checkpoint inhibitor (CPI) ipilimumab (anti-CTLA4) in 2011 for treatment of advanced melanoma. Since then, five more drugs additionally targeting the PD-1/PD-L1 pathway have been introduced for an increasing number of cancer indications, including a [...]

New figures show alarming rise in women dying from asthma

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It's peak season for asthma.. and new figures have uncovered an alarming trend in the number of women having fatal attacks. According to the National Asthma Council, the number of women aged between 55 and 64 who died from an asthma attack doubled in 2017. That defies other trends showing a drop in asthma-related deaths [...]

Airs and disgraces: how city pollution is killing residents

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If you were offered a nice job in Delhi, would you take it? The Indian capital’s air is so polluted that it could cost the average long-term resident nine years of life expectancy, estimates the University of Chicago. Or would you live near London’s Brixton Road, where pollution is many times higher than European legal [...]

Jenny Craig brand chicken wraps recalled for contaminated vegetables

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SK Food Group, located in both  Groveport, OH and Reno, NV this weekend recalled approximately 174,207 pounds of chicken wrap products that contain vegetables that may be contaminated with Salmonella and Listeria monocytogenes, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS). The SK Food Group on Oct. 14 learned that the vegetables used [...]

As Cooling Tower Owners Flout Legionnaires’ Law, City Council Looks to Crack Down

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Almost half of the city's cooling towers — big, boxy rooftop machines that regulate air conditioning systems and also have the potential to spread Legionnaires' Disease — are out of compliance with the law. Those were the findings of a WNYC/Gothamist investigation this summer that examined the 2015 law passed in the wake of the deadliest outbreak of Legionnaires' [...]

Infectious diarrhea spores survive high temperatures of hospital laundering

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Hospital bedsheets could be source of C. difficile contamination Summary: Washing contaminated hospital bedsheets in a commercial washing machine with industrial detergent at high disinfecting temperatures failed to remove all traces of Clostridium difficile (C. difficile), a bacteria that causes infectious diarrhea, suggesting that linens could be a source of infection among patients and even [...]

Endurance Exercise Training Has Beneficial Effects on Gut Bacteria Composition

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Summary: A new study reports six weeks of endurance exercise training has beneficial effects on gut bacteria composition. Researchers report exercise inflammation causing microbes decrease while microbes linked to enhanced metabolism increase. Source: University of Jyväskylä. According to recent research, endurance exercise training beneficially modifies gut microbiota composition. After six weeks of training, potentially inflammation [...]