Investigation of inactivation process for microorganism collected in an electrostatic precipitator

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Highlights •    The inactivation process of microorganisms collected by a two-stage type electrostatic precipitator (ESP) is investigated. •    The survival ratio and reactive oxygen species (ROS) distribution are distinguished. •    The collection efficiencies and the ozone concentrations are measured. •    ROS destroys cell walls and causes cell content to flow out, [...]

piRNA Profiling of Dengue Virus Type 2-Infected Asian Tiger Mosquito and Midgut Tissues

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Abstract The Asian tiger mosquito, Aedes albopictus, is a competent vector for the majority of arboviruses. The mosquito innate immune response is a primary determinant for arthropod-borne virus transmission, and the midgut is the first barrier to pathogen transmission. Mosquito antiviral immunity is primarily mediated by the small interfering RNA pathway. However, the roles that the [...]

A systematic review of the epidemiology of carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae in the United States

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Abstract Background Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE) pose an urgent public health threat in the United States. An important step in planning and monitoring a national response to CRE is understanding its epidemiology and associated outcomes. We conducted a systematic literature review of studies that investigated incidence and outcomes of CRE infection in the US. Methods We [...]

Indoor environmental pollutants and their association with sick house syndrome among adults and children in elementary school

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Highlights •    Association of SHS in children and adults/adolescent with indoor chemicals and biological factors was investigated. •    Building age, dampness, ventilation system, and doctor diagnosed allergies were associated with SHS. •    Mucosal symptoms and any symptoms were positively associated with the exposure to 2-ethyl-1-hexanol. •    Dust DiNP, DiBP, TBEP, and [...]

Inside the secret U.S. stockpile meant to save us all in a bioterror attack

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A SECRET LOCATION OUTSIDE WASHINGTON, D.C. — From the outside, it looks like an ordinary commercial warehouse, only much bigger, about the size of two super Walmarts. Inside it’s dark except when motion sensors are triggered. When the lights come on, hundreds of thousands of shrink-wrapped boxes of medicines emerge from the gloom, stacked on [...]

Emerging spread of new fungal species poses risk for healthcare settings in the EU/EEA

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The rise in Europe of Candida auris infections, a difficult-to-control fungus, is of concern. The fungus spreads easily in healthcare settings, can cause invasive infections, and is also associated with resistance to multiple classes of anti-fungal medication. Difficulties with laboratory identification, and lack of awareness of this new Candida species might result in transmission and [...]

Combo antibiotic found inferior for MDR bloodstream infections

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The results of a large, international randomized trial indicate that the use of a combination therapy being investigated as a potential alternative to carbapenem antibiotics should be avoided in patients with certain multidrug-resistant bloodstream infections (BSIs), because of increased risk of mortality. The findings of the MERINO Trial, presented this week at the 28th annual [...]

New toxic shock study touts bad tampon advice, expert says

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A new toxic shock syndrome (TSS) study contains not only new data but some recycled misinformation on tampon use, according to a leading US expert who says the incidence of the rare syndrome may be rising in some regions. In the discussion section of the study, which tracks the role of tampons and menstrual cups [...]