Anatomy of a Bruise

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Those Colorful Marks We all get a bruise from time to time -- maybe you walked into the doorjamb in the middle of the night or tripped over the dog on your morning walk. Most aren’t anything to worry about and heal on their own. Others can be a sign of something more serious. It’s [...]

Varicose Veins: 7 Myths You Shouldn’t Believe Learn the truth about their causes and treatments

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Nobody wants bulging, purple varicose veins on their legs or ankles. However, about half of adults have them, and they become more prevalent with age. What causes varicose veins and what can you do about them? Many people think they know, but James Bekeny, MD, a vascular surgeon at Cleveland Clinic, sets the record straight. How many of [...]

Are There Health Downsides To Vegetarian Diets?

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Jan. 18, 2018 -- It's becoming more popular to eat meat-free at least part of the time. While more than 3% of Americans are full-time vegetarians, a recent poll by the Vegetarian Resource Group found that 37% of respondents say they always or sometimes eat vegetarian meals when dining out. The top reason? Health. Although vegetarian [...]

Are You Taking Too Much Calcium, A or D? Overdoing supplements can hurt you

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Vitamin and mineral supplements are a good thing. But too much of a good thing can negate any health benefits — and even pose health risks. With calcium, vitamin A and vitamin D, “more is not necessarily better,” cautions Melissa Young, MD,of the Center for Integrative Medicine. 1. Calcium Why it matters: Calcium plays a critical role in [...]

The Scoop on Poop: 5 Facts You Should Know What are your bowel movements telling you?

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Your bowels communicate. That may sound strange, but here’s what I mean: Signs of everything from diseases to stress may show up in your bathroom habits. The key is knowing what to look for — and what the signs may mean. 1. There is no normal People are different. So are bowel movements. The size, shape and [...]

Ocean pie

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Ocean pie Serves: 4 Prep time: Under 1 hour Cook time: 20-25 mins Ready in: 30-60 Minutes * Freezer friendly Syns per serving: 1/2 This rich and satisfying pie is the perfect family feast, or a welcome change to a Sunday roast. ingredients 1kg potatoes, peeled and chopped 2 heaped tbsp quark Salt and freshly ground black pepper Low-calorie cooking [...]

4 Easy Tips to Help You Walk 10,000 Steps Every Day Walking your way to better health — little by little

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Walking is one of the easiest and best activities for losing weight and staying fit. To get the most benefit, some organizations recommend that you aim to take 10,000 steps per day. It’s certainly a great goal to strive for. This magic number of steps is the equivalent of moving almost five miles. When you [...]

Mould expert explains exactly what to do if you spot mould in your home

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Mould in your home could damage the property and cause health problems The sight of mould in your home is enough to make anyone feel sick, so knowing how to clean it properly is vitally important. Just opening a window, washing it with soap and water or some cheap bleach from the supermarket won't disappear [...]