Treatment of Bee and Wasp Stings

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Treating bee and wasp stingsdepends on their severity. The majority of problems that require medical attention come from an allergic reaction to the sting. In most cases, complications from that reaction respond well to medications -- when given in time. Home Treatment for Bee and Wasp Stings Most insect stings for someone who is not allergic need no more than first aid given at [...]

Dos and Don’ts With Migraines

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Do: Sleep Smart Sleep is a tricky trigger. Too much or too little of it can bring on a migraine. The key is to keep your downtime constant. Figure out your sleep schedule sweet spot and stick with it. Don’t: Skip Meals When your blood sugar drops, your brain feels it first. Hunger is a [...]

Eating yogurt may reduce cardiovascular disease risk

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    A new study in the American Journal of Hypertension, published by Oxford University Press, suggests that higher yogurt intake is associated with lower cardiovascular disease risk among hypertensive men and women. High blood pressure is a major cardiovascular disease risk factor. Clinical trials have previously demonstrated beneficial effects of dairy consumption on cardiovascular health. [...]

13 Best Quit-Smoking Tips Ever

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1. Find Your Reason To get motivated, you need a powerful, personal reason to quit. It may be to protect your family from secondhand smoke.  Or lower your chance of getting lung cancer, heart disease, or other conditions. Or to look and feel younger. Choose a reason that is strong enough to outweigh the urge [...]

Gas stoves and damp houses increase Aussie asthma rates

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University of Queensland researchers have found that childhood asthma in Australia is associated with gas stoves and damp houses. Dr. Luke Knibbs, from the Centre for Air Pollution, Energy and Health Research and UQ's School of Public Health, led research that aimed to find the connection between childhood asthma and two common indoor exposures in homes. "We [...]

How To Reduce Inflammation In Your Body

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If you regularly follow health news or read about wellness, you’ve likely been hearing a lot about inflammation. Inflammation is the body’s natural protective response to infection or injury. If you cut your finger, for example, your immune system responds by sending white blood cells to repair the open wound. These cells then trigger an [...]

Animal Feces Found in Counterfeit Makeup

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April 16, 2018 -- High levels of bacteria and animal waste were found in counterfeit makeup confiscated by Los Angeles police. About $700,000 worth of counterfeit cosmetics were seized by the Los Angeles Police Department in raids on 21 locations in the L.A.'s Santee Alley fashion district. "Those feces will just basically somehow get mixed into the [...]

New Shingles Vaccine: What You Need To Know

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Feb. 12, 2018 -- In October 2017, the FDA approved a new shingles vaccine, called Shingrix. This January, the CDC officially recommended that adults 50 and over get the new vaccine to prevent this painful, blistering disease instead of the previous one, Zostavax. WebMD asked a few infectious disease experts how Shingrix works and whether it has any [...]