Seniors Steamed Over Cuts To SilverSneakers Fitness Program

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John Garland Graves was taken aback when he walked into his McKinleyville, Calif., gym in October and learned that his SilverSneakers membership was being canceled. Since 2014, Graves, 69, has enjoyed free access to the gym through SilverSneakers, the nation’s best-known fitness program for seniors. He was disturbed by the news, as are many other [...]

Breast cancer testing guidelines out of date, missing genetic screening, says study

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Breast cancer: Know the facts 01:19  Watch CNN Here (CNN)   The current guidelines for genetic testing of breast cancer patients limit the number of women who can get tested. Because of these restrictions, these tests miss as many patients with hereditary cancers as they find, according to a study published Monday in the Journal of Clinical Oncology. "Unfortunately, [...]

Bad Air Warnings in London And Paris Peak With Fish And Chips

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It’s no surprise the London Underground is polluted, but outside the Parisian Louvre museum? You’d be forgiven for thinking the adjacent Andre Le Notre-designed Tuileries gardens would’ve made the air more breathable. A device by startup Plume Labs kills that assumption. The 4-inch tall gadget -- named Flow -- sends real-time air quality readings to a smartphone [...]

UK children face winter health crisis due to pollution, say doctors

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The Guardian has taken point in the UK reporting on the impacts of pollution on the health of the people of the UK.   Great read...   Thousands of children are facing hospital this winter as cold weather and the UK’s air pollution crisis combine to create potentially deadly conditions for young people, doctors have warned. [...]

Pollution and flu bring steep rise in lung-related illnesses

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Shortage of specialists adds to worries that surge in respiratory diseases is putting pressure on A&Es Accident and emergency departments have seen attendances due to lung-related illnesses almost double in under a decade as increasingly virulent flu strains and a rise in air pollution take their toll. A shortage of lung specialists means services can [...]

10 Tips for Lowering Your Cholesterol

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Great site for information on your health.  Cleveland Clinic provides great balanced information. Get pointers on nutrition and exercise We all want to be heart-healthy, and ensuring healthy levels of cholesterol — a fat, or lipid, carried through the bloodstream — is the first step. Low-density lipoprotein or LDL (bad) cholesterol contributes to plaque buildup [...]

5 Testicular Cancer Symptoms That Aren’t a Lump

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Know what to look for and catch it early The most common symptom of testicular cancer is a lump on your testicle. But that’s not the only sign of this disease. Men who have testicular cancer may experience several different kinds of symptoms, says oncologist Timothy Gilligan, MD, who specializes in treating testicular cancer. Testicular cancer most frequently [...]

Ulcerative colitis flare-ups: 5 tips to manage them

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Love this piece by the Mayo Clinic.  For more information follow their page. Diet and lifestyle changes may help control ulcerative colitis symptoms and lengthen the time between flare-ups. By Mayo Clinic Staff An ulcerative colitis flare-up is the return of symptoms after a period of remission. This may involve diarrhea, abdominal pain and cramping, [...]

Why You Need to Get Enough Sleep

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It’s Easier to Learn Can’t focus? It’s hard to do when you haven’t slept. You’ll also have trouble learning new stuff. And when you do, you’ll need some shut-eye to remember it. Doctors call this consolidation -- sleep strengthens the links between brain cells that form memories. That’s what makes learning stick. Fewer Accidents Sleepy [...]