UK Adds Endobronchial Valves to Standard of Care for Severe Emphysema

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The U.K.’s National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has updated its guidelines to include endobronchial valves as an appropriate routine treatment for severe emphysema, an advanced form of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). This announcement comes on the heels of positive safety and effectiveness data from multiple randomized clinical trials of Pulmonx’s Zephyr Endobronchial Valves (EBV). In the [...]

Smartphone App Shown to Accurately Diagnose Respiratory Illnesses Like COPD

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ResApp‘s smartphone app, called ResAppDx, diagnoses a wide range of respiratory illnesses accurately by using cough sounds, the company reported. The app is successful in diagnosing both chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and aggravations of COPD caused by infections, pneumonia, and acute asthma. ResApp’s technology detects cough sounds through the phone’s microphone from up to two ­meters away. Algorithms [...]

Study Examines Global Disease Burden of COPD and Asthma

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A new study highlights the significant global burden of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma, and calls for more attention in the prevention and treatment of these conditions. The study titled “Global, regional, and national deaths, prevalence, disability-adjusted life years, and years lived with disability for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and asthma, 1990–2015: a [...]

Antibiotic prophylaxis isn’t needed for removal of below the knee orthopedic implants?

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Wow, it has been wicked cold this week and it's only going to get colder. It's so cold that I stayed inside and read JAMA RCTs instead of racing to the mall and fighting for discounted gift wrap. Besides adding to my ID knowledge, perhaps this latest polar vortex is also behind the reduced flammability of the [...]

Double strike against tuberculosis Beta-lactone inhibits mycomenbrane biosynthesis and potentiates antibiotics

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Summary: In search of new strategies against life-threatening tuberculosis infections, scientists have found a new ally. They discovered a substance that interferes with the mycomembrane formation of the bacterium. It is effective even in low concentrations and when combined with known antibiotics their effectiveness is improved by up to 100-fold. In search of new strategies [...]

Early Puberty May Lead to Adult Depression Early screening could have long-lasting psychological effects

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by F. Perry Wilson MD, MSCEDecember 26, 2017 The association between early puberty in girls and depression in adolescence is well-known, but a new study appearing in the journal Pediatrics finds that early puberty has psychological effects that last well into adulthood. In this 150 second analysis, F. Perry Wilson, MD, MSCE discusses the results which [...]

Bird flu outbreak H5N1 found in second province

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A strain of avian flu affecting chickens in Kampong Cham province has also been detected in Kampong Thom province, health officials announced on Wednesday. The H5N1 outbreak was first confirmed by officials after more than 200 chickens died in Trapaing Preah commune, in Kampong Cham’s Prey Chhor district, last month. Ministry of Health spokesman Ly [...]

The immunology of the allergy epidemic and the hygiene hypothesis

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Abstract The immunology of the hygiene hypothesis of allergy is complex and involves the loss of cellular and humoral immunoregulatory pathways as a result of the adoption of a Western lifestyle and the disappearance of chronic infectious diseases. The influence of diet and reduced microbiome diversity now forms the foundation of scientific thinking on how [...]

Should You Use a Home Test for Kids’ Strep Throat? The Short Answer from a Pediatrician

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If you suspect your child has strep throat, and you’re considering trying a home test kit, you may want to reconsider. Yes, these strep home test kits are modestly priced and convenient, but there are risks involved with attempting to test for strep at home. The test checks for group A streptococcal infection in the throat, and these [...]

E. coli sickens 17 across US as Canada investigates outbreak tied to lettuce

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The CDC is investigating an outbreak of Escherichia coli that has sickened 17 people in 13 U.S. states, killing at least one. The agency said it has not identified the source of the Shiga toxin-producing E. coliO157:H7 infections — or STEC O157:H7 — but preliminary genetic testing showed they are closely related to a similar outbreak in Canada that Canadian [...]