You likely do at least some of these things every day. Here’s why you shouldn’t.

Texting on the toilet

Lost Phone.Forget the phone in toiletNitikorn Poonsiri/Shutterstock

When nature calls, germs (including fecal matter!) are released into the air and can land on surfaces . . . like your phone. Even if you wash your hands before leaving the bathroom, that bacteria is still stuck on your screen. Leave your phone behind the next time you make a trip to the restroom. Check out these other ways you’re using the bathroom wrong.

Using bar soap


Sure, soap cleans hands, but bars are actually breeding grounds for germs when they’re used by multiple people. Opt for liquid soap formulas instead. Take note of the germiest spots in your bathroom.

Sharing hand towels

drying handsMoonborne/Shutterstock

Sharing is caring—except when it comes to germs. Do your fam a favor and give every member of the household his or her very own hand towel for the bathroom. Launder the towels at least once a week—or more, if you have small kids—to prevent bacteria buildup in fabric. Check out these 9 places germs hide in your home.